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To modernize the relationship between skilled trade professionals and their clients by providing technology that facilitates convenient and reliable communication.


We believe that anything is possible.  That’s why we set goals and do everything in our power to achieve them.


The son of an electrician, Weston grew up seeing his father help family and friends with all of their electrical needs.  Whether it was an emergency or a planned project, he would make time to take a trip to help diagnose their problems in-person.  As technology became more accessible, he started asking them to send videos of what they’re experiencing so he could see what was going on, without making a trip.


This would help increase his efficiency significantly, and lending his expertise to others became less of a burden.  Living away from where he grew up spending some years in Nashville and Houston, Weston was a part of using this process countless times.  When something would come up dealing with anything electrical, he would send a video to his father, and 9 times out of 10 he would be able to tell him what was going on.


The challenge was that they were not in the same state.


If it was something that needed to be fixed promptly, Weston would have to reach out to local electricians to have them come check things out (even though he already knew what needed to be done), write up a quote, and then schedule another appointment to come fix things.

However, if it was something that could wait - his father would tell him what supplies to purchase along with what tools were necessary and the next time he visited all of what he needed would be ready for him to complete the work.

Weston was determined to build a tool that would allow home service professionals and their customers to have the same efficient relationship with their projects as he and his father.  After ~3 years of development, in 2023 quody was born.

By utilizing video, we help service professionals maximize time and allow their customers to have peace of mind knowing their trusted professionals are only a video away.

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Weston Bakos


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