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Thanks for checking out our quick demo!
What you experienced is a small portion of what Quody can do for you and your business.  

By utilizing Quody, you will be able to offer your customers the ability to request a quick quote from you, and you will have the option to decide whether or not you can provide a quote range (ex. we think this job will cost $250-$350) or if you'll need to still conduct an in-person site visit to provide your quote.

*Not part of this initial demo, you will also be able to present your availability for the job or site visit based on the complexity of the job, and your customer can select the date and time from your availability that works best for them.

You can accomplish all of this with two quick steps and your customer will be provided the convenience of innovative processes and technologies to elevate their experience working with you.

We look forward to connecting with you more on how we can help you maximize your time, and money.
Thank you again for your time,
Weston Bakos
Founder, Quody
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